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Create your own deck, or study on of he many available! SRS-Ninja will track your progress and take out all of the guesswork of what you need to study

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SRS-Ninja will keep track of how your doing, you'll never loose your place and at any time you can stop or start back up studing at the same place you left off

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You can share your decks with any of your friends, they don't even need an account to check them out! You can import your data from a CSV, and just as easily export it if you need to use it somewhere else

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JLPT N3 Vocab by foxumon   1768 cards 09/24/15
JLPT N4 Vocabulary by foxumon   575 cards 10/22/13
JLPT N3 Grammar by foxumon   27 cards 11/11/15
JLPT N4 Kanji by foxumon   166 cards 10/30/13

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SRS-Ninja Launch

My new Application SRS-Ninja is finished and ready for studying goodness I suppose it’s technically in “Beta,” but it set and ready for user to make and study their own SRS decks. ...